February 2014

Henderson County Market Stats

In 2013, Henderson county saw an average of 6% gains in home value, which is one of the strongest in the area. The strong sales led to a reduction in supply creating a 20% increase in monthly home sales. Overall,  2014 should be good but maybe not as strong as 2013.

Hendo MOI Feb 2014

Hendo avg med price Jan 2014

Hendo res unit slaes Jan 2014

Hendo Homes sold Jan 2014



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Regional Land Stats

For the first time in years we have started to see land sales again. The sales pace increased through 2013 and we should continue to see this in 2014. Buyers who bought in 2013 bought at historical lows.

Buncombe Land Avg Med Feb 2013

Buncombe Land per unit Feb 2014

Henderson County Land Avg Med Feb 2014

Hendo County Land per unit Feb 2014


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Haywood County Market Stats

There is a slow and steady recovering happening in Haywood County and should continue through 2014. There has been about a 12% reduction in inventory compared to 2012 as well as an increase in overall sales pace through 2013.

Haywood MOI Feb 2014

Haywood Avg Med Feb 2014

Haywood Res Sales Feb 2014

Haywood Homes Sold Feb 2014

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Madison County Market Stats

Madison County is one of the best buys in our region. There is still an oversupply of inventory but the sales pace has increased over 2012 by around 30% and we are expecting it to be even better in 2014.

Madison MOI Feb 2014

Madison Avg Med price Jan 2014

Madison Res Unit Sales Jan 2014



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