Chris Tuten

BROKER, Realtor

I was born to military parents in the beautiful city of Naples, Italy and have lived in Spain, Chicago and then Illinois. My family and I moved to the mountains of WNC in 1994. Professionally, I worked in public schools for about 8 years as a school psychologist and then as a college professor for 20 years. Along the way my interest in real estate led me to begin helping clients in 2002. I was an exclusive buyer’s agent for over 10 years but I wanted to help folks sell their homes and landed at DixonPacifica.

I love to help clients gather all the necessary information to make the most informed decisions. I combine hard work, honesty, availability, quick and thorough communication and professionalism to provide the highest level of service to my clients.

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“When circumstances pointed me reluctantly toward the decision to sell my house, I approached the buyer’s agent who’d helped me purchase it for a reference: despite the fact that I never actually met Chris Tuten, he made me feel as if he was a friend of mine. I have health issues which precluded my being onsite for the process–not a problem. He was instrumental in the [fast] sale of my house in Barnardsville, NC, which had only a wood stove for heat and no a/c.”

“I was captivated by the land and the location when I’d chosen the house. In hindsight, I guess I was somewhat in denial about what a fixer-upper it really was. When I had to move closer to my family, 800 miles away, I rented it out. I tried choosing handymen as tenants but invariably, my being off-site, they left me with phenomenal junk and refuse piles upon leaving, including the fourth and final one, whose repair photos had looked deceptively nice. Chris sized this up and communicated it to me without shock or judgement. I was impressed by his policy of donating 6 hours of handiwork to each of his clients. I suspect that in the final analysis, he gave me more than that! Despite the myriad number and complexity of documents necessary, so many more than I remembered needed in its purchase, he never lost patience with me or allowed me to feel awkward or foolish. Sometimes I called him several times in one day; he took every call and those he couldn’t, he returned promptly. I made requests for photos to sell things on the property which would’ve been negligible in their effect on its worth; he willingly sent them. What can I say? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more patient, personable individual who was more effective at what he does than Chris. Needless to say, I highly recommend him.”

– Pam

“Several months ago, I decided I had procrastinated long enough (about 8 yrs) and needed to sell our home of 30 years. It was an 80’s house we had built and raised our two daughters – the only home they had known.  I talked with a realtor and was was discouraged our home was not worth what I had hoped. My daughters wanted me to get a second opinion and my son-in- law asked if I would be willing to talk to someone he knew- “the nicest guy he’d ever met”.

So I called Chris Tuten and we scheduled an appointment for him to look at the house. Two days later he arrived with comps. of houses that had sold in our area and a ton of information about selling real estate. He had only positive comments about the house and gave me a few suggestions of what I could do to make it more marketable. He came back that week-end to see it in the daylight and to take exact measurements.

A few days later I received an e-mail with a list of suggested things I could do, interestingly very similar to my own list but had been told not to do. Then he called me with a price for the house that was way more than I expected.  I was ready to sign a contract!!

Now here is an amazing thing, when you sign a contract with Chris, he gives you a minimum of six hours of FREE labor to do some of the things on the list. He came a few days later and knocked about five things off the list. What an incentive to get working. I did what I could do and hired someone a friend knew to do the rest. Two dumpsters later and a lot of yard work I texted Chris and told him I had done all I could do- it was his.

The next morning a lock box went on the front door and a sign in the yard and it went on the market at 10:00. My phone went crazy asking for appointments! I texted Chris- I’m at work I can’t take care of this. No worries Chris took care of it. Four days later we met to discuss six offers three above asking and decided on the one we thought was best. Monday night I signed the paperwork accepting their offer.

So now the dreaded inspection of the 80’s house- not a pretty outcome in my opinion. But again Chris says “don’t panic , it will be OK”. So the buyer gave a list of what they wanted done and with Chris’s help I picked what we thought was important from the buyers perspective ( Radon Mitigation) and what I could do financially and timely – three weeks to closing. The buyer accepted and I started on another list. Chris worked so hard during this time, talking with the buyer’s realtor, giving me lists of people to do the work and meeting with them at the house when I couldn’t be there. Plus he had to keep encouraging me that this was all going to happen on time. He is extremely patient.

So it is done!!  It was a very emotional and exhausting journey but with the amazing help of the “nicest, kindest man” I got through it. Through it all I always knew I could call on him with questions or concerns. I always knew he had my best interest up front. I recommend Chris to everyone thinking of selling their home. In the words of Chris “your home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it” Let Chris make that happen for you.”

– Linda B

“You don’t need to look around.  Work with the best!”

– Bart Z.

“We are so glad we were able to work with Chris.  He really helped us enjoy the process of finding our home.  He anticipated our needs and answered our endless questions.  It is a pleasure to work with him and even more of a pleasure to know him.”

– Suze

“We were so grateful to work with Chris. He is patient, knowledgable, and dependable. Chris was always accessible—answering any questions we had.  We also felt like he had our best interests in mind and not the deal.  We felt like Chris “had our back.” He truly is a top-notch guy, and we gladly recommend Chris to anyone!”

– Lorraine and Heidi










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