Choosing Your Realtor

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Of all the decisions we make, buying and selling real estate, are some of the most important and consequential. Many of the clients I have worked with had unpleasant experiences working with Realtors, as have I, previous to becoming a Realtor. Over the years I have come to realize that this may be partly due to the way we hire the realtors we work with. Many people will hire a friend, or someone they know from their social circles without properly interviewing them and getting the information they need.  Usually first-time homebuyers are the most vulnerable since they don’t have experience dealing with such a transaction.

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The first step I always recommend is to speak in-depth to at least a couple of Realtors. Interview them the same way you would for anyone that you would be hiring to work for you.  In a real estate transaction you will be sharing your personal financial information, so one of the most important qualities to seek in a Realtor is trust. Sellers are often dealing with situations such as divorce or serious illness and you should have a Realtor that you feel comfortable with discussing these types of personal issues. Buying and selling real estate has a naturally built-in stress factor as with anything involving legal contracts, timelines, and usually lifetime commitments to large sums of money, so having a great Realtor on your side will help minimize these concerns and keep the transaction on track. If you feel comfortable with the professionalism and work ethic of a Realtor then the last bit of advice is to find someone you really like and feel comfortable with.

For buyers, purchasing a home is a very personal journey, and they trust you to understand their needs and guide them to purchase the best home for them within their parameters. With sellers you are helping your clients disengage from a home that usually holds memories and sentimental value.  At the end of the day, Real Estate, is a service industry, so find a Realtor that loves serving their clients.

Written by Liz Jones, Broker. Connect with Liz at [email protected] to see how she can provide you with the best customer service during your real estate transaction.


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