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In Western North Carolina we are around 5% above our long term norms. Mortgage payments have dropped 10% since 2004 and the average monthly mortgage payment for a median priced home is now $849 compared to $924 in 2004 making housing more affordable. We will continue to see distressed sales playing a role in keeping home prices down. The area also has inflated home inventory this which keep the “buyers” market in place through the year.
However, home sales are starting to pick up and hopefully, by the end of 2012 we will see the local housing market start to stabilize. This is the first time we have thought this since 2006!!


Market Snapshot as of 2/22/2012:

Median Sales Price:
Buncombe: $203,250
Henderson: $146,500
Haywood: $137,500
Madison: $100,000
Total home Supply:
2306; 2652 in ’10
% of Foreclosures:
National Avg: 28%
State Avg: 30%
Buncombe County 2009-2011 Home Sales
Last 3 Yrs of Unit Sales

Here are the numbers for 2009-2011:
Home Sale NumbersMedian Sales price Buncombe:
Buncombe County Median Sales

Henderson County 2009-2011 Home Sales
Henderson County Closed Unit Sales

Here are the numbers for Henderson County 2009-2011:
Henderson County NumbersMedian Sales Price Henderson:
Henderson County Median Sales Price

Haywood County 2009-2011 Home Sales
Haywood County 09-11

Here are the numbers for Haywood County 2009-2011:
Haywood NumbersHaywood County Median Sales price:
Haywood Median Sales Price

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