5 Steps to Prep Your Home for Photography: A Pro Real Estate Photographer Explains

Written by Jens Behrmann, Broker | REALTOR It’s a new year and with spring approaching fast, now is a great time to prep your home to sell. Not only is spring one of the best, if not THE best, season to sell, nature’s awakening makes it an excellent opportunity to market your property. One of […]

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7 Great Things to do in Asheville on a Rainy Day

Written by Pete Anderson, Broker | REALTOR There are endless outdoor recreation opportunities in Asheville. Unfortunately, being that we live in a temperate rainforest, rain can also feel endless at times, too. While us outdoorsy folk don’t mind a little rain, sometimes we don’t feel like braving the inclement weather to enjoy our great city. […]

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Featured Agent Pete Anderson

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