What to Expect When You First Meet Your Real Estate Agent: Asheville Edition!

Realtors are just as excited to assist those looking to relocate to Asheville as we are to help our locals find their new home. Below, I have outlined a ‘What to Expect’ when you begin the process of not only looking for your home, but also looking for your Realtor. There are a few things to keep in mind when you first meet your Realtor. For those new to the area, we highly recommend that you reach out to a local Realtor prior to your arrival to have a consultation about why you are thinking about moving and what your “must have list” is. Realtors ask for this time upfront as it is very important for us to understand your needs prior to showing you homes so we can best assist you and find the town that works best for your needs. When I have folks coming in from out of town, I like to chat with them prior to their visit and send them some homes to look at online so we can ensure that we are on the same page with house needs before they arrive. 

Many customers ask, “why do we have to meet you at your office?”. We do this for many reasons, one being for the safety of our agents. Many offices have a policy that Realtors must meet at the office and get a copy of the client’s driver’s license to keep on file. We also review the ‘Working with Realtors in NC’ brochure with each client to help explain how our professional relationship works so you can protect your confidential information. You are not a “client” until you are under contract with a Realtor, so remember to keep your personal and confidential information to yourself until you understand and have signed the ‘Working with Realtors in NC’ brochure.

One of the most important steps you can take as a client is finding what your local flavor is, your Agent can help with that, too. Photo courtesy of Brian McCord via livability.com.

When I meet with folks from out of town, I spend either a morning or afternoon with them on the road after our meeting to review paperwork, then I give them some homework to do on their own. I ask them to tour downtown Asheville, Hendersonville and Black Mountain (or the areas of their specific needs like Marion or other outlying areas) and to spend some time in each one. This helps me tee up the next round of homes for them to view in the areas that they most enjoyed.

Many times, visitors will arrive and call a Realtor to try to see homes that day. While we are excited that you are wanting to see homes, many of us have our day planned so, to avoid disappointment, I recommend getting in touch ahead of time so we have a plan in place when you arrive. Also, in fairness to sellers, we do try to give them 24 hours notice for each showing. But, if you are in town, feel free to visit our office as we are always there to help, even if you didn’t set a prearranged appointment. We will work hard to assist you during the time that is convenient to you.

One final note, homes are still selling very well in our market so if you are serious about purchasing a home, ensure that you are pre-approved for a loan. We work with many excellent local lenders that can assist you either locally or from afar. You don’t want to miss out getting a home because you were not pre-qualified for a loan.  

There are many excellent Realtors in our area and we here at DixonPacifica pride ourselves on working for you and giving everyone the best in customer service, ensuring that your home buying process was an excellent experience.

Written by Trish Luzzi, Broker, REALTOR. Connect with Trish at tris[email protected] or (828) 423-0248 to see how she can make buying or selling your home in Asheville easier for you.

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